Iva M Judge
Iva M Judge name: Judge, Iva M
Regiment: National Woman's Relief Corps (or other aux.)
Cemetery: Oakhill Cemetery, Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin 
Service: -
Birth: 1891 Wisconsin
Death: 196?
Notes: Wife of George A Judge 
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  National Woman's Relief Corps1


This patriotic, benevolent and educational women's society was organized on July 26, 1883, at the GAR's national encampment in Denver, Colorado. The Womens Relief Corps (WRC) was then recognized as the official auxiliary of the GAR. It requires no hereditary requirements for Union Army or Navy ancestry for membership in the society, and admits any loyal American woman
into its ranks.

The society was incorporated on September 7,1962 by an act of Congress. Its motto is the same as the GAR's, ''Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty.''

The society maintains a national headquarters and museum in Springfield, Illinois. It is composed of 2,360 members in 18 Departments, 7 Detached Corps, and 15 Members-at-Large chapters. It retains warm relations with the other ''Allied Orders of the GAR'',the SUVCW, the Auxiliary to the SUVCW, the Daughters of the SUVCW, and the Ladies of the GAR."

1 Source: National Park Service, Soldiers and Sailors System; "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion" by Frederick H. Dyer,Cosmas; An Army for Empire : The United States Army in the Spanish American War by A. Graham, (Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Publishing Co., 1993).

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