Col Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith name: Smith, Jesse
Rank: Col 
Branch: Militia 
Regiment: NY Militia
Cemetery: Oakhill Cemetery, Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin 
Service: -
Birth: 7/5/1784 Thompson, Connecticut
Death: 2/27/1873 Union, Rock, Wisconsin
Notes: This monument sits next to the road but is inside a clump of Pine Trees. There is an opening next to the road. Many members of his family are in this hidden plot. 
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Jesse Smith

Col. Jesse Smith, an honored citizen and pioneer merchant of Rock County, was born in Thompson, Conn., July 5, 1784, and was the son of Enos and Keziah Smith. His father was born in Connecticut, March 4, 1738, and the mother in the same State on the 13th day of June, 1745. Her death occurred March 28, 1830. Both were descended from English Puritan ancestors. Our subject was reared on a farm, and was married in 1812 to Miss Betsy Willmarth, of Berkshire, Mass.

Soon after his marriage Mr. Smith engaged in merchandising at Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N.Y., where his wife died in 1839, leaving six children to mourn her loss. Marcia, the eldest, was the wife of Timothy Jackman, a prominent business man of Janesville; her death occurred Nov. 23d, 1888. The next eldest was Shubael W., who was a leading business man and banker of Janesville. His death occurred May 3d, 1884. Hezekiah married Amy Gifford, and died in 1882. Abbie A., remained single, and died at the age of sixty years. Hannah died when twenty-two years of age; and Caroline, the youngest, died when she had reached the same age. Mr. Smith was married again on the 2d day of February, 1841, at Newport, Herkimer Co., N.Y., to Miss Mary Caroline Brooks, daughter of Dr. John and Nancy (Reddington) Brooks; the father was born in Worcester, Mass., but resided for forty years at Bernardston, Franklin County, of that State, where he was successfully engaged in the practice of his profession. Mrs. Brooks was born in Lunenburg, Mass., and was descended from an old New England family. Mrs. Smith was born at New Fane, Windom Co., Vt., on the 6th day of March, 1808, was liberally educated, and at the age of sixteen years engaged in teaching school, and pursued that vocation for seventeen years. In 1839 she ventured out to Newport, Jefferson Co., N.Y., against the wishes of her friends and engaged in teaching; there she met Mr. Jesse Smith, and in 1841 became his wife, proving to be a worthy and loving helpmate through the thirty-two years of their wedded life. She survived her husband and while now past four-score years of age, is in the full enjoyment of her mental faculties, entertaining in conversation, and warmly esteemed by all who know her. Three children were born of her marriage to Mr. SMITH, one son and two daughters. The son, Stanley Brooks Smith was born at Philadelphia, N.Y., on the 4th day of October, 1843, and received his education at private schools, was married to Miss Martha M. Logan, of Greensburg, Pa., and is the present cashier of the Rock County National Bank. Frances Elizabeth, the eldest daughter, was born Sept. 11, 1845, is the wife of Thomas Alsop, and lives in Brooklyn, Green Co., Wis. Mary Catherine, the youngest, was born Dec. 22, 1847, and is the wife of Warren L. Richardson, of Eldorado, Kan.

In 1846 Col. Smith and family removed to Wisconsin and settled in the town of Union, Rock County, where he was engaged in merchandising until his death, which occurred Feb. 27, 1873. Mr. Smith received the title of Colonel, while a resident of New York, where he had taken a warm interest in military matters, and was commissioned Colonel of Militia. Col. Smith was a Whig in early life, and on the breaking up of that party he joined the Republican party, then in its infancy, and was ever afterward a consistent member of that organization. He was never in any sense a politician, or a seeker after office, but devoted his attention to business pursuits, exclusively. He was upright and honorable in all the relations of life and was highly respected for his many excellencies of character.

Source: The Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wis. (c)1889, pp. 770-771

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