Capt Ira Miltimore
Ira Miltimore name: Miltimore, Ira
Rank: Capt 
Branch: Union 
Regiment: Co. E, 33rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
Cemetery: Oakhill Cemetery, Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin 
Service: 10/3/1862 - 8/9/1863
Birth: 6/28/1813 Andover, Windham, Vermont
Death: 6/9/1875 Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin
Notes: Resigned his commision. Son of James Miltimore and Abigail Fitz. Her family can be traced back to Ispwich, Massachusetts. His grandfather William Miltimore was born in Londonderry, Ireland. Ira was the engineer for the first dam built across the rock river in 1845, donated the land for the School For The Blind in Janesville, built the first frame and brick house in Janesville which still stands today (located on Center Ave. next to the dam and bridge, near Big Rock), coined the name "Monterey" for that area and the south side of Janesville after hearing news of the Battle of Monterey (US-Mexican War of 1846) on a day when explosives were being used at his stone quarry sounding like canon. His brother Edward was killed in a Mormon massacre near Snake River Idaho in 1859. Nephew Alazo Edward, son of Edward, served with Ira in the WI 33rd.

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Nephew Alonzo Edward Miltimore

My dear nephew, Alonzo E. Miltimore

I present you this book as you are about to leave to fight in defense of your country's flag and our free institutions. Study it. You will be a better man for so doing. It will guide you aright and when your country’s battles are fought and your duty discharged, I pray God you may return to us where we can bid you welcome from the field of battle to our own loved home circle again.

From your affectionate Aunt, Mrs Ira Miltimore.
Janesville, Wisconsin
September 27, 1861

In September last returned from the field of battle wounded and disabled by a ball through your breast and shoulder, now restored to health, you again take the field.

Your Auntie, Mrs Ira Miltimore
January 5, 1864.

From the History of the Miltimore Family

He entered the Union Army in 1861 and served with distinction during the entire war and was commended for gallantry, notably at Vicksburg and at Altoona. He became a Lieutenant in command of Artillery before he was twenty one; he served under his uncle, [sic] Colonel Ira Miltimore. At Vicksburg he was shot through the left shoulder and lung and the great vessels were exposed. The surgeons did not wish to even take him into the hospital, considering his case hopeless, but his uncle, [sic]Colonel Ira Miltimore, insisted. They next wished to amputate, but again his uncle Ira Miltimore interfered,' 'If you take off that young man's arm, I'll take off your head!'' His arm became almost as good as before. At Altoona, Georgia, the beginning of Sherman's campaign, he received a depressed fracture of the skull. He was brilliant, but erratic, although never unbalanced mentally and I feel that this depressed skull fracture had something to do with his condition. He never gambled or drank and was a good provider. From about 1881 to 1885 he rebuilt a considerable part of Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, thereby making it a healthy post and for this he was commended. Going to war in his teens, he was self educated, being a surveyor, draftsman and builder. He handled the supplies for General Nelson A. Miles troops during the Apache campaign in the Southwest. He also designed and supervised the construction of the first buildings of the University of Arizona, giving his services to the then territory.

  33rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry1

Organized at Racine, Wis., and mustered in October 18, 1862. Left State for Memphis, Tenn., November 12. Attached to Reserve Brigade, District of Memphis, Tenn., 13th Army Corps (Old), Dept. of the Tennessee, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 17th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 16th Army Corps, to July, 1863. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 13th Army Corps, to August, 1863. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 17th Army Corps, to March, 1864. 1st Brigade, Provisional Division, 17th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. Detached Brigade, 17th Army Corps, and 4th Brigade, 1st Division, 16th Army Corps, to December, 1864. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Detachment Army of the Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to February, 1865. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 16th Army Corps (New), Military Division West Mississippi, to August, 1865.

SERVICE.-Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign; operations on the Mississippi Central Railroad November 18, 1862, to January 10, 1863. Moved to Moscow, Tenn., and duty along Memphis & Charleston Railroad till March 9. Moscow February 13 (Detachment). Moved to Memphis, Tenn., March 9, and duty there till May 17. Expedition to the Coldwater April 18-24. Hernando April 18. Perry's Ferry, Coldwater, April 19. Ordered to Vicksburg, Miss., May 17. Siege of Vicksburg , May 20-July 4. Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 4-10. Siege of Jackson July 10-17. Assault on Jackson July 12. Reconnoissance to Pearl River July 15. Duty at Vicksburg till August 18. Ordered to Natchez, Miss., and duty there till December 1. Expedition to Harrisonburg September 1-8. Moved to Vicksburg December 1, and duty at Camp Milldale till February, 1864. Meridian Campaign February 3-March 2. Pearl River, near Canton and Madisonville, February 27. Red River Campaign March 10-May 24. Fort DeRussy March 14. Occupation of Alexandria March 16. Pleasant Hill Landing April 12-13. About Cloutiersville April 22-24. About Alexandria April 26-May 13. Wells' Plantation May 6. Boyce's Plantation May 6. Bayou Boeuf May 7. Retreat to Morganza May 13-20. Mansura , May 16. Moved to Vicksburg, Miss., May 22-24, thence to Memphis, Tenn., May 27-30, and duty there till June 22. Moved to LaGrange, Tenn., June 22-27. Smith's Expedition to Tupelo July 5-21. Camargo's Cross Roads, near Harrisburg, July 13. Harrisburg, near Tupelo , July 14-15. Smith's Expedition to Oxford August 1-3. Moved to St. Charles, Ark., August 3-6, thence to Devall's Bluff September 1, and to Brownsville, Ark., September 8. March through Arkansas and Missouri in pursuit of Price September 17-November 16. Moved to St. Louis, Mo., thence to Nashville, Tenn., November 23-30. Battle of Nashville , December 15-16. Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River December 17-28. Moved to Clifton, Tenn., thence to Eastport, Miss., and duty there till February, 1865. Movement to New Orieans, La., February 6-22. Campaign against Mobile and its defences March 17-April 12. Expedition from Dauphin Island to Foul River Narrows March 18-22. Siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely March 26-April 8. Assault on and capture of Fort Blakely , April 9. Occupation of Mobile April 12. March to Montgomery April 13-25. Duty at Montgomery and Tuskegee till July. Moved to Vicksburg, Miss., July 23-31. Mustered out August 8, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 30 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 167 Enlisted men by disease. Total 202.

1 Source: National Park Service, Soldiers and Sailors System; "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion" by Frederick H. Dyer,Cosmas; An Army for Empire : The United States Army in the Spanish American War by A. Graham, (Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Publishing Co., 1993).

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